Monday, October 29, 2012


The parts manager of the dealership today is managing an average parts inventory that approaches $300, 000.  Some manage more while others manage less.  In order for a manager to manage his department he must have available to him, all the tools necessary to ensure a good return on your investment.

Dealers closely monitor the purchase of used and new cars while scrutinizing the expenses of the dealership.  But how often does a dealer look at the parts manager or the purchases made by this department.  A dealer that hands a parts manager a blank check (Purchase Orders) at the beginning of the year, should keep a very close eye on what that manager is doing with that blank check.

Additionally, a dealer asking a parts manager to manage and give a good return on investment has got to give that manager the tools to succeed.  One such tool is access to the financials as it pertains to the managers department.  All of the tools.

You wouldn't want to fly with a pilot that had no instruction manual.  Why would you point a parts manager fly and not give him the tools to succeed?

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